Push: What if Captain America was an X-Men?

If you can’t get enough of superhero movies, this little-known sci-fi thriller should be on your watch list: Push follows a group of extraordinarily gifted people, among them Marvel’s Captain America Chris Evans himself. trying to take on a secret government agency that experiments on special people like them…

Push (2009): Directed by Paul McGuigan; running-time 1h 51mins; starring Captain America Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning (I am Sam), Camilla Belle (When a Stranger calls).

What’s it about? Hong Kong is crawling with people who have extraordinary abilities. When loner Nick, who can move objects with a sleight of his hand, runs into Cassie, an artsy teen who can draw the future, they must work together in order to stop Nick’s Ex-girlfriend Kira from being captured by Division, a secret government agency that experiments on special people like them.

What’s it really about? Deeply philosophical questions about human existence: is it possible to alter the future once you’ve seen it, or is it set in stone? How do you know that your thoughts are really your own and haven’t been put into your head by others? For the love of God will somebody please kille the Chinese guy whose scream causes fish tanks and arteries to burst?

Pick if:  

  • You’re into comic books and comic book movies: unlike X-Men, Spiderman, or the Avengers, Push isn’t based on a graphic novel, but it deals with the same topic: extraordinarily gifted people are hunted, locked up and used for experiments.
  • You’re in the mood for an action-packed flick that is entertaining for both men and women to watch on a date or with your friends
  • You don’t mind films that you have to pay attention to in order to understand what is happening, if even!
  • You have a massive crush on Chris Evans and want to gush over him with your friends

Most memorable scene: The team realizes that in order to outwit the Watchers, who can see the future as soon as you make a decision that will alter it, they have to put off making a decision for as long as possible.

Where can I watch? Push is available for streaming on Netflix Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, NZ as well as Amazon Instant and Maxdome.

Where do I know her from? If you don’t know who Chris Evans is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last ten years (Chris might not want you to remember this, but in 2001 he starred as Jake in Not Another Teen Movie). And yet Chris filmography, while impressive, pales in comparison to his co-star Dakota Fanning‘s: according to the Internet Movie Database, the 21 year old actress boasts an incredible 56 films to date. Among them  are the romcom Sweet Home Alabama, in which she played a younger version of Reese Witherspoon’s character,  I am Sam in which she plays Lucy, daughter of the mentally challenged Beatle fanatic Sam, played brilliantly by Sean Penn, and War of the Worlds, in which her father, played by Tom Cruise, is trying to save her from an alien invasion. If you do recognize her from her role as vampire youngling Jane in the Twilight series, you probably won’t admit it, not even to yourself.



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