Two Night Stand: Dreaming of a white Christmas

Still dreaming of a white Christmas? Be careful what you wish for: you might find yourself snowed in with a brief sexual acquaintance. The wonderful romcom Two Night Stand is the perfect pick for a winter date night or a cozy evening with your friends. Read on to find out why you might want to build a blanket fort after streaming this movie…

Two Night Stand (2014): Directed by Max Nichols; running-time 86mins.; starring Miles Teller (Divergent), Ex- Topmodel contender Analeigh Tipton (Crazy Stupid Love), rapper Kid Cudi, and Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr.

What’s it about? A few days after Christmas, newly single college grad Megan joins an online dating site to get back in the game. The morning after her first One Night Stand ever, she finds herself trapped in her sexual acquaintance’s Brooklyn apartment by a blizzard.

What’s it really about? When one door closes, another one opens and sometimes even the most miserable situation can have an unexpected, wonderful outcome.

Pick if:

  • You’re in the mood for a feel-good movie
  • You’re tired of watching the same old holiday movies for the fiftieth time
  • You’re currently in (post-grad) limbo or have been at some point in your life
  • You’ve ever had a less than ideal One Night Stand or an incredibly awkward date
  • You’re single and ready to mingle
  • You’ve tried online dating or dating apps before
  • You’re a quirky 20-something girl
  • You adore/ admire Miles Teller

Most memorable scene: Trying to kill time, Alec and Megan get high, build a blanket fort and eat ALL the snacks in Alec’s cupboards.

Most memorable quote: This is a serious pattern: I am regressing! Last year I was in college and I was Chris’ fiancée and I drank wine in restaurants. And now I’m at home all day in my underwear and I’m nobody’s nothing and I can’t even get into a bar. What’s happening to me? I am going backwards! I am Benjamin Buttoning!

Magic Music Moment: When Alec and Megan are inside the blanket fort, her favourite song comes on the record player and she desperately wants to dance like nobody’s watching. So she orders Alec to stay inside and rocks out to Dramarama’s “Anything, anything” in her fluffy socks.

Analeigh Tipton has a Two Night Stand
This is not what Megan imagined when she went looking for rebound-sex on a dating app

Where do I know her from? Former America’s Next Topmodel contestant Analeigh Tipton plays quirky ONS newbie Megan. Although Two Night Stand marks Analeigh’s first lead role in a movie,  she is already a seasoned romcom actress, having previously starred as the obligatory best friend, who is surprisingly supportive of her BFF dating a zombie in Warm Bodies, a babysitter that becomes obsessed with her employer in Crazy Stupid Love, and a disillusioned romantic who struggles with the harsh reality of dating in New York City in the unsuccessful series Manhattan Love Story. She also made a brief appearance on the thrilling procedural Limitless, which stars her MLS co-star and real-life boyfriend Jake McDorman.

Where can I watch? It’s available for streaming on Maxdome, iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon Instant.


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