That Awkward Moment: Sex and the City with Dude Bros

Looking for a fun date movie? That Awkward Moment is the perfect pick for a night in with your love interest. Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are in over their heads in this hilarious romantic comedy.

That Awkward Moment (2014): Directed by Tom Gormican; running-time 94mins; starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis.

What’s it about? Best friends Jason (Efron), Daniel (Teller), and Mikey (Jordan) form a pact to stay single after the latter’s wife leaves him. Jason, a serial dater with a fear of commitment, is particularly excited about the prospect of countless boozy nights out with the lads. Of course, that’s when he meets his ideal girl in Ellie (Poots). At the same time, Daniel realizes that his gal BFF Chelsea (Davis) might have been the perfect match for him all along, thereby putting the friendship between the guys to the test. 

What’s it really about? That relationships are better than their reputation lets on.

Pick if:

  • You’re planning a Date Night: That Awkward Moment is essentially the male answer to Sex and the City as it follows a group of fit, professionally accomplished twenty something guys in New York City whose lives revolve around who they shag when and where, for how long in what position how satisfactory
  • As such, it is perfect for fans of comedies like Entourage, The Hangover, or Bad Neighbours 
  • You’re a sucker for a good bromance
  • You’re tired of romcoms about whiny, quirky girls who chase after douchebags who do not have their life together and let them walk all over them, hoping that they might see the light and change their ways for them: That Awkward Moment turns the typical romcom fabric around and tells the story from the guys’ perspective
  • You’re planning a Girls Night in and are looking for some eye candy
  • You like feisty girls who can hold their own on when crashing a boys night: you’re gonna looove Ellie

Most memorable scene: Daniel has trouble using the toilet while on viagra, so he calls Jason for help, who tells him to “get horizontal”.

Most memorable quote: “Being there for somebody when they need you, that’s all relationships are” – Ellie

Magic Music Moment: The film opens with Jason sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night. He is fucking freezing, he informs us through voice-over. As he flashbacks to where his story begins, “Closed Shades” by Crozet starts to play.

Where do I know them from? If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know that That Awkward Moment is not the only romcom Miles Teller starred in in 2014: he also played the male lead in Two Night Stand Ex- ANTM contestant Analeigh Tipton. More fastidious cinephiles will recognize him from his critically acclaimed performance in the Academy Award nominated music thriller Whiplash and Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman and the celebrated coming-of-age indie drama The Spectacular Now. He was also part of one of the biggest box office let downs of 2015, a remake of Fantastic Four, in which he played opposite TAM co-star Michael B. Jordan. You might know the charismatic and outspoken actor from his parts in the 2012 sci-fi thriller Chronicle, and Friday Night Lights, where he played a high school varsity athlete, just like his on-screen BFF Zac Efron did in the pop culture hit Highschool Musical. And now they’re all in this together (obligatory HSM reference- CHECK!) Granted, Zac Efron’s performance in the Disney musical trilogy does not exactly scream terrific actor, but he has given a number of outstanding performances since: in Parkland, he played a young doctor at the eponymous hospital in Dallas that tried to save JFK’s life. In  the profoundly disturbing crime drama The Paperboy, he played Matthew McConaghey’s (mid-McConnaisance) little brother, and in Liberal Arts, he was Ted Radnor’s esoteric guardian angel, a role that saw him tap into his comedic potential for the first time before fully delving into comedy in films like Bad Neighbours and That Awkward Moment. 


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