A Long Way Down: Making Friends in High Places

If you love British Comedies, A Long Way Down should be on your watchlist. This hilarious dramedy follows four Londoners who form an unlikely support group after running into each other on the roof of a tall building on New Year’s Eve.

A long way down (2014): Directed by Pascal Chaumeil; Running-time 95mins.; starring Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia, Remington Steele), Toni Colette (About a Boy, In her Shoes), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed), Imogen Poots (She’s funny that way, That Awkward Moment)

What’s it about? A Long Way Down is based on the best-selling novel by Nick Hornby about four strangers – Maureen (Colette), Martin (Brosnan), Jess (Poots) ,and JJ ( Paul) -who meet on the roof of London’s most popular spot for committing suicide on New Year’s Eve. But instead of ending their lives like they originally intended to, the odd foursome forms an unlikely support group.

What’s it really about? Finding hope in the most unexpected of places and people.

Pick if:

  • You’re feeling a bit down and could use a little hope (DO NOT PICK if you’re feeling suicidal though!)
  • You’re a fan of unlikely friendships
  • You like to find the light in the darkness
  • You’ve ever felt sad for no reason at all
  • You appreciate poignant performances
  • You’re a fan of Britcoms such as Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, or Love, Actually

Most memorable scene: After his plan to jump off Topper House has fallen through, an extremely annoyed Martin drives home in the pouring rain, when he spots Maureen waiting for the bus. He ends up giving her a lift and soon after they happen upon Jess and JJ as well.

Most memorable quote: “We belong together, we’re a team. I mean we’re the worst team the world has ever know and if I were picking, none of you would have made it onto the subs bench, but still. We’re a team. I know it’s not much, but maybe it’s a start.” -Martin

Where can I watch? A Long Way Down is available for streaming on Sky Go and Netflix (UK, US and Canada).



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