Let’s talk films: 3 Questions for actress Yeshe Pfeifer

Summer was not quite yet in the air when Yeshe Pfeifer and I met in a draughty classroom at the University of Heidelberg, where we had both enrolled for our Bachelor. It was only a  year later that she made the gutsy decision to leave her mundane student life behind to pursue her lifelong dream … More Let’s talk films: 3 Questions for actress Yeshe Pfeifer

Just like Heaven: A Throwback RomCom That’ll Bless Your Next Girls’ Night

Ghosts, spirit-walkers, hallucinations: If you’re into stories about people falling in love with somebody who isn’t physically present, then you’re gonna love Just like Heaven: it’s a romantic comedy about a widowed landscape architect who falls in love with the spirit that haunts him. Visually stunning!

Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings: 5 Reasons to watch the Shannara Chronicles

When I first stumbled upon the trailer for MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles on YouTube, I couldn’t believe my own eyes: never would I have guessed that the channel formerly dedicated to playing music videos 24/7 could develop a fantasy series of such epic proportions.  Or that Gimli the dwarf would become king of the elves…

The Spectacular Now: Say No to YOLO

You’re not gonna find a more authentic coming of age story out there: The independent drama The Spectacular Now is so raw and heartbreakingly authentic in its depiction of youth and young romance it’ll make you cringe at times. The Spectacular Now (2013): Directed by James Ponsoldt; running-time 95mins. What’s it about? High school senior Sutter … More The Spectacular Now: Say No to YOLO