Let’s talk films: 3 Questions for actress Yeshe Pfeifer

Summer was not quite yet in the air when Yeshe Pfeifer and I met in a draughty classroom at the University of Heidelberg, where we had both enrolled for our Bachelor. It was only a  year later that she made the gutsy decision to leave her mundane student life behind to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an actress.

Yeshe hopped on a plane to New York City – and the Big Apple hasn’t let her go since. She took classes at the prestigious Lee Strasberg institute for Theatre and Film, whose founder conceived the art of method acting (a range of techniques designed to help actors delve deeper into their characters) and was both friend and mentor to Marilyn Monroe. Yeshe’s most recent projects include AMC’s mini-series The Making of the Mob,  a quasi-documentary about the rise of the mafia in New York City, in which she played cunning mobster wife Anna Genovese. She also starred in the German drama Der 8. Kontinent (watch the trailer) which is nominated for a Jupiter Award.

Yeshe Pfeifer, 27, actress                                    IMG courtesy of YP


1. What’s your favourite comedy film?

Probably Birdcage. And I just re-watched The Big Lebowski which makes me laugh tears every time.

2. What’s the most depressing movie you’ve ever watched?

Requiem for a Dream always gets me into this sad, melancholic state about humanity and how fragile we all are and how we treat each other and hurt each other constantly even if we might start out with the best of intentions. That moment at the end when they all curl up into fetal positions – it just hits me right in the heart every time…

3. Which movie makes you want to go travel?

The colors and camera in The Darjeeling Limited sure make me dream of distant places to explore…



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