Quantico: Grey’s Anatomy meets Homeland in this Sexy Thriller-Drama

From Gossip Girl creator Joshua Safran comes a sexy and compelling thriller-drama about a group of FBI recruits, their hot romances and deep dark secrets. Here’s why you should dive right in…

Quantico (2015): Created by Joshua Safran (Gossip Girl); 2 seasons à 22 episodes à 45mins.; starring Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Johanna Braddy (unREAL), Graham Rogers (Revolution), Tate Ellington (Remember me), Aunjanue Ellis (The Help!), Josh Hopkins (Cougar Town), Yasmine Al Massri, Jacob Artist (Glee), Rick Cosnett (The Flash), Mark Pellegrino (LOST), Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl).

For fans of: Homeland, How To Get Away With Murder, Enemy of the State, Grey’s Anatomy.

ABC’s hot new thriller series follows a group of FBI recruits, one of whom becomes involved in the most devastating terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. Here are 5 reasons why you should binge the first season ASAP…

1. It’s current

Quantico addresses the sensitive and complex issues that have resulted from our culture of fear and xenophobia. In passing the blame or for the attack from Alex, who is of Indian origin and has traveled through Pakistan, to Simon, an American Jew who supported the fight in Gaza, to Nimah and Raina, the Lebanese twins of Muslim faith, the show serves as both an implicit and explicit commentary on racial profiling and systemic injustice towards minorities in the United States.

2. It’s suspenseful

The show’s narrative formula closely emulates that of another ABC hit, Shonda Rhimes’ critically acclaimed thriller series How To Get Away with Murder. In that, Quantico‘s storytelling jumps back and forth between two timelines, a) the FBI recruits in training at Quantico and b) the on-going investigation into the bombing of Grand Central Station that eyes each of the former recruits as a suspect.

3. It’s full of pretty faces you’ve probably never seen before

In putting together the cast for this show, ABC paired more seasoned actors like Mark Pellegrino (Caleb’s dad –  known for his parts as Lucifer on Supernatural and Jacob on LOST), Rick Cosnett (Elias), and Priyanka Chopra (Alex), who is not just a former Miss World, but a prolific Bollywood actress, with newcomers like Johanna Braddy (Shelby), Graham Rogers (Caleb), and Tate Ellington (Simon).

Quantico - Unter Beobachtung
Dedicated to Allah and protecting her country: Raina (Yasmine Al Massri)

4. It turns stereotypes on its head

Following in the footsteps of Shonda Rhimes’ trailblazing shows Scandal and HTGAWM, Quantico joins together people of all colours, sexual orientation and religious backgrounds.  It is to this show’s utmost credit that it has given each of its characters a story arc that is much bigger than any of these social markers, rather than merely have them as a quota to boost ratings.

5. It’s on ABC

With hit shows like Desperate Housewives, Scandal, HTGAWM, and the iconic Grey’s Anatomy and LOST in its repertoire, it’s safe to say that ABC knows how to produce sexy and gripping TV. Oh, and Quantico is produced by the same guy that created Gossip Girl .

To binge or not to binge? Yeah, good luck trying not to binge this one. There’s really only one way to watch this show, which is in one weekend sitting. Personally, I would suggest to pass on the second season though because frankly, it does not live up to the first.

Where can I watch? Quantico is available for streaming on Amazon, Maxdome, iTunes, Videoload, or – if you’re in the US – ABC Go, Hulu, as well as CTV.ca in Canada.


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