Let’s talk films: 3 Questions for Judith Eckenhoff

A nice hot cup of tea, long walks in the forest and all things Victorian: it doesn’t take much to make Judith Eckenhoff’s heart sing. The 26-year old is currently writing her MA thesis on zombie narratives in literature and TV series. But she took some time out of her busy schedule to share with me the one zombie film she reckons everyone should see…

Judith, a graveyard enthusiast and professional book horder, would have loved to hang out with Frankenstein author Mary Shelley and her companions – moreover, she would have loved to have been presented with the opportunity to punch Lord Byron in the face (“not too hard though”). She is currently writing her MA thesis on zombieism as a representation of transgressive and post-human bodies in literature and television series. However, she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions about some of the films she’s seen (and she’s seen plenty, trust me)…

Judith, 26, MA student                            IMGs courtesy of JE

1. Which film could you watch on repeat for the rest of your life?
One of my most precious eternal-rewatch-movies is without a doubt The Last Unicorn. I watched it countless times as a child and I still love it to bits and old-and-grey-future-me in her rocking chair will still gladly watch it over and over. It love everything about it: the beautiful style of animation, the music, basically all the spookiness and cheesiness, and above all how the story undermines and reimagines fairy tale conventions and myth.

2. What’s the most aesthetically pleasing movie you’ve ever watched? 
I am deeply in love with the aesthetics of Mad Max: Fury Road. Its gorgeous cinematography is a true feast for the eyes with some truly wonderfully composed shots. The production design, that is to say the crazy cars, the post-apocalyptic wasteland in all its vibrant colours, and the editing of the action sequences all work perfectly, not to mention the amazing stunts. You could probably give me any frame of this movie and I’d gush about it for ages. Seeing this at the cinema was actually one of the very few times I even really enjoyed 3d.

3. What’s the one zombie movie people should see?
I wouldn’t wanna presume that everyone likes to see the horror and gore that are self-evidently part of the genre. So I’m gonna recommend Shaun of the Dead because it’s a really fun comedy that pays homage to George Romero’s classics as well as the trope of the living dead as a metaphor for the empty routines of our everyday lives.


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