The Ring: Bring on the Nightmares

It’s been 10 years since I watched The Ring for the first time and I’m still petrified every time I think about it when I’m by myself at night. This iconic horror movie tells the whispered tale of a nightmarish videotape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later. Suffer the creepy children!

The Ring (2002): Directed by Gore Verbinski; 115 mins; starring Naomi Watts (21 Gramm, Mulholland Drive), Amber Tamblyn (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Joan of Arcadia) Daveigh Chase (she’s literally only known for this movie but boy will she make an impression on you, I can promise you that)

What’s it about? When her 16-year old niece dies under mysterious circumstances, journalist Rachel starts to investigate and uncovers the horrible truth behind an urban legend about people dying within seven days of watching an utterly disturbing video tape (kids, a video tape is what people used to watch movies on before the arrival of dvds and digital downloads). When Rachel’s son Aidan watches the video, she must race to find a way to break the curse before his week is up.

What’s it really about? I’m totally reaching here, but let’s say that it is a haunting (literally) tale about child abuse and an original take on a deeply philosophical question that underlies all cultural discourses, particularly at the level of religion: is evil inherent, or is it nurtured.

Pick if:

  • You don’t scare easily or you’re one of those people who enjoy scary movies
  • You’re in the company of somebody who makes you feel safe, your partner, your friends, anyone. DO NOT watch this movie on your own!!!
  • That being said, if you do watch it with your partner, fair warning, you might not feel like hooking up afterwards.
  • You prefer horror films that have an actual story rather than shocking you with gorey slasher action
  • You like gritty thrillers that have a creepy, almost kafkaesk atmosphere
  • Meaning you can handle disturbing images that don’t make any sense
  • You have a high tolerance for creepy children. Cause there’s two of them
  • And they make creepy drawings
  • You’ve never seen it and you’re wondering why it’s called The Ring
  • You’re not too riled up by depictions of child abuse in movies
  • Or animal mutilation for that matter
  • You like to delve into the psyche of villains, explore their backstory, contemplate what shaped them into the abominable creatures they are today

Top 3 quotes that will send shivers down you spine:

1.”Before you die, you see the Ring”

2. “Don’t you understand, Rachel? *nose starts bleeding* She never sleeps.”

3. Aidan: What happened to the girl?
Rachel: We set her free.
Aidan: Why did you do that?
Rachel: Honey, what’s wrong?
Aidan: You weren’t supposed to help her!

Most memorable scene: When Rachel is on the ferry to the island where Samara’s parents have their farm, she approaches a horse trailer. The horse, sensing that she has been cursed, breaks into a panic and out of its trailer, galops through rows of cars heading straight for the railing, then throws itself off the ferry and eventually gets chopped by the propeller blades, pools of blood streaming out from under the boat.

Where can I watch? The Ring is included in the Maxdome and Amazon streaming flatrates. It can also be purchased on iTunes.


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