Going back to Hogwarts: A Very Potter Musical

Expelliarmus: If you’ve been following pop culture news lately, you’ve probably been disarmed by the news that Warner Brothers is producing the Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and where to find them starring Eddie Redmayne, J.K. Rowling is putting on a Harry Potter play in London and on top of that, she is releasing a book version of the play in summer. With “the boy who lived” back en vogue, now is the perfect time to brush up on your HP trivia: re-read the books, re-watch the movies, and most importantly, check out Team StarKid’s A Very Potter Musical on YouTube. Never heard of it? Then read on to find out why that has to change…

AVPM official poster
Totally awesome: A Very Potter Musical is a parody musical loosely based on the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling

A Very Potter Musical (2009): Produced by StarKid Productions, running-time 180mins.; starring Darren Criss (Harry Potter), Joey Richter (Ron Weasley), Bonnie Gruesen (Hermione Granger), Jaime Lyn Beatty (Ginny Weasley), Lauren Lopez (Draco Malfoy), Joe Walker (Voldemort), Dylan Saunders (Dumbledore), Brian Rosenthal (Professor Quirrel).

What’s it about? A Very Potter Musical (AVPM) is a parody musical loosely based on the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, particularly Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Goblet of Fire and The Deathly Hallows. It was written, directed and produced by a group of drama students at the University of Michigan, who subsequently became known as Team Starkid. When Starkid put a recording of the show out on YouTube in late 2009, it became a viral hit, propelling the show’s lead, a young man named Darren Criss, to stardom when he landed the role of Blaine Anderson on Ryan Murphy’s hit show Glee. The terrific response the video received also sparked two sequels to the musical: A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year.

What’s it really about? The incredible talent and inspiration that rests with adolescents, the magic of musical theatre and the positive power of social media.

Pick if:

  • You’re looking for something fun to watch with your friends
  • You’re a massive Harry Potter fan
  • You love musicals / You’re a theatre geek
  • You’ve got three hours to kill
  • You appreciate fan art and fan fiction
  • You’re prepared to listen to the soundtrack for days on end, downloading it onto your phone, mp3 player or whatever even at the risk of singing along on a crowded train – the tunes are that catchy!
  • You’ve got a thing for guys and girls who can sing, act and tap dance

Most memorable quote: “In the Muggle world, I’m just a…I’m something called a douchebag. I play guitar when everybody just wants to hang out, and I make weird covers of Disney songs…who does that?”

Magical Music Moment: There’s magic in the air whenever Team StarKid performs Going back to Hogwarts, one of the few songs to feature the entire cast The chemistry between the tight-knit group of friends that is StarKid is wonderful to observe and it is impossible not to catch the AVPM fever when you see how much the actors themselves get into the performance.

Fun fact: Evana Lynch, the actress who portrayed Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movie series, also plays the part in A Very Potter Senior Year.

Disclaimer: Picture taken from Wikipedia


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