Let’s talk Fashion & Film: 3 Questions for Fashion Journalists Julia Loibl (ELLE) & Estelle Meyer (Instyle)

Berlin, London, New York, now Paris: with Fashion Week season SS 2016 drawing to a close, I had a chat with my stylish colleagues Julia Loibl and Estelle Meyer – editors in training at Elle and Instyle respectively – about fashion in film and television. Can you guess which actresses the two fashionistas named as their style icons?

My colleagues Julia Loibl and Estelle Meyer are crazy about fashion. “Describing my style is tricky because it changes every day”, 26-year old Estelle says. “That’s because I’m inspired by many different things: the place I’m in, a novel I’m reading, streetstyle snaps on instagram – my daily breakfast! My only constants are my baby bumble bee necklace by Alex Monroe and my Chloé Susanna boots .” Julia on the other hand, likes to keep her look simple and elegant: a pair of jeans, a white blouse and an eye-catching pink lipstick to add a little colour, that’s the 23-year old’s signature look.

With their mutual passion for all things style, it wasn’t long before the two became BFFs after crossing paths at the Burda School of Journalism last year. In January 2016, they made their friendship official with a weekend getaway to Paris, a trip that inspired a collaboration of their lifestyle blogs  The Minimize (Julia) and Mademoiself (Estelle). Head on over and see for yourself what they got up to…

Julia Loibl and Estelle Meyerin Paris
Instatwins Julia and Estelle in the fashion capital of the world                 IMG courtesy of JL

1. What’s the most stylish film?

Julia: “The Editor’s Eye. Grace Coddington at her best.”

Estelle: “Coco Chanel. The beginning of my love affair with fashion!”

Where we agree: “The Danish Girl. The costumes and colours in this movie are breathtaking.”

2. Which actress – other than Audrey Hepburn – do you consider a style icon?

Julia: “Keira Kneightley. She’s cute, but has an edge to her as well.”

Estelle: “Léa Seydoux. Whether she’s rocking blue hair as a lesbian, or blonde curls as a Bond Girl, she’s quintessentially feminine in that she is both fragile and strong at the same time. Wonderfully versatile! And très francaise…”

Where we agree: “Audrey Tatout. We’ve fallen in love with her Parisian Chic.”

3. Which style from a movie or TV show would you like to copy in your daily life?
Or maybe you already have? 

Julia: “Olivia Palermo in The City. She has a unique style because she always looks elegant without effort.”

Estelle: “Gossip Girl’s Serena Van Der Woodsen. Anytime I’m struggling to decide what to wear, she serves as my eternal muse!” (If you aren’t familiar with the character’s style, here’s a compilation of Serena’s most stylish moments according to British Vogue)

Where we agree: “Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs in The Devil wears Prada. The La Rue fringe handbag she sports to the cocktail event where she meets author Christian Thompson (“Mentalist” Simon Baker) is gorgeous! We’ll take it. And Simon Baker, too ;-)”


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