Let’s talk films: 3 Questions for Sleep-Blogger Katharina Kunzmann

To sleep, perchance to dream: Katharina Kunzmann has dedicated a blog to the science of sleep and everything attached to it. I spoke to her about films that made her fall asleep and those that robbed her of her precious slumber.

Katharina Kunzmann - diewillnurschlafen
Kathi, 25, sleep-blogger                                                              IMG courtesy of K. Kunzmann

Journalist trainee Katharina Kunzmann has dedicated her blog diewillnurschlafen (all she wants to do is sleep) to the science of sleep and everything attached to it. The 25-year old writes about phenomena such as lucid dreaming, interviews people about their sleeping habits, and shares snaps of unusual sleeping arrangements such as the “cocoon bed”. She’ll even sleep in a wine barrel just to know what that’s like. I spoke to her about films that make her fall asleep or have robbed her of it…

1. What sort of film makes you fall asleep?
Pretty much every movie that classifies as a “Romantic Comedy”. Take Notting Hill, Pretty Woman or Love, Actually – from the opening credits, it’s perfectly clear what’s going to happen: the guy and the girl  – spoiler alert – end up together.  I’m sorry, but these kinds of generic plots make me conk out.

2. Which film inspires you to dream?
Richard Linklater’s Waking Life! It’s like a confetti canon has gone off inside your head. The dialogues are very philosophical and deep. And the distored, blurry and wiggly visuals make you wonder: is this real? Or am I dreaming? What’s more, the confusion continues after you’ve actually gone to sleep – it’s an effort, but definitely worthwile.

3. Have you ever lost sleep over a film?
Yes, after watching Open Water 2, I slept terrible for days. To this day, I get really uncomfortable whenever I think about this movie. The plot is rather banal, actually**, but I really related to the group of friends on the boat which made the story so nightmarish for me. If I ever set foot on a private yacht, I will personally let the ladder down first thing…


**A weekend cruise on a luxurious party yacht goes horribly wrong for a group of old high-school friends when they forget to let the ladder down before they jump into the ocean for a swim, making it impossible to climb back in to the boat. As the exhaustion  begins to take its toll, a terrible fight for survival ensues…


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