Let’s talk Films: 3 Questions for Meike S.

Game of Thrones, Girls, Grey’s Anatomy: after a long day at work, all fashion editor in training Meike wants to do is curl up on the sofa with her beloved cat Findus and watch “her” shows. But there’s one programme that’s got her hooked like no other…

She’s worked for reporters without borders, she’s studied political science and journalism and now Meike is an editorial trainee at Elle & Harper’s Bazaar Germany. When she isn’t writing about fashion, beauty and clean eating, the girl with the big blue eyes and the luscious blond curls collects people’s wishes and the lifestories behind them on her blog wunschmaterial.com,  which was inspired by the famous Humans of New York project. After a long day at work, all the 27-year old wants to do is curl up on the sofa with her beloved cat Findus and watch tv. I spoke to her about the films that have made a lasting impression on her and the tv show she is currently obsessed with…

1.What movie could you watch over and over again for the rest of your life?

Celeste & Jesse forever – because it speaks very honestly about relationships. Moreover, Jesse and Celeste’s break-up is portrayed in a way that is heartbreaking to watch, but there’s humour to it as well.

2. What’s the most stylish film?

Marie Antoinette. I think she wears some of her best outfits when she’s inside her pleasure dome because in there she usually ditches her corset dresses for lighter fabrics.

(Freeze-frame at 2:06 for one of Meike’s favourite costumes)

3. What’s your favourite show at the moment?

The Affair! I can’t stop watching. It’s about a husband and father who is content with his life until he meets this woman and starts an affair with her which turns his whole life upside down. When I first started watching I really responded to the show’s realism and understated storytelling. It doesn’t make you go: “this doesn’t make any sense”, or “that’s so over-the top”.  It’s really well written and the actors (Dominic West and Ruth Wilson) are doing an amazing job as well.


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