Let’s talk Cupcakes and Films: 3 Questions for Maren Schwarz

Blackberry cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake, hot chocolate brownies: food-blogger Maren Schwarz has a remarkable talent for making her readers mouths water. But from time to time, the 23-year old likes to ditch her apron, fall back on her sofa and watch a film. Can you guess which one’s her favourite?

You will have a hard time finding a recipe that Törtchenzauber‘s Maren Schwarz has not yet tried. With her raven hair and fair skin, the 23-year old is a dead-ringer for Snowhite, and just like in the fairytale, she likes to care of the people she loves – by putting delicious treats in their mouths for instance. But from time to time, the youngest of the Burda bunch (that is to say, our trainee class at the Burda School of Journalism) likes to ditch her apron, fall back onto her sofa and delve into worlds that are as sweet and richly ornamented as the cakes she creates.

Food-blogger Maren, 23, creates all kinds of delicious treats, like this chocolate-buttercream tart with raspberries


1. Which film could you watch over and over again?

The German language trilogy about the life of the Austrian empress Elisabeth, nicknamed “Sissi”. I watch it every time it’s on tv. The first one is the best. I’ve always struggled with the last chapter, Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin (Fateful Years of an Empress), because that’s the one where she gets really ill.

2. As an expert on cupcakes, tarts and everything sweet and delicious, what would you serve your guests if you were hosting a Sissi movie marathon?

“Kaiserschmarrn” (Emperor’s Mess, or shredded pancake), as it’s an Austrian dessert.*

3. Aside from being an excellent baker, you also have a keen eye for fashion. In your opinion, what is the most stylish film ?

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. I adore the 1920s flapper dresses and all the Tiffany jewellery.

*editor’s note: In putting together this interview, I googled recipes for Kaiserschmarrn and was surprised to find that the dish was actually named after Sissi’s husband, Franz Joseph I of Austria, who was very fond of it.


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