Let’s talk Films: 3 Questions for Kathrin Wölfle

Romance? No thank you! Nail-art blogger Kathrin Wölfle prefers action-packed entertainment with witty punchlines.  The 26-year old loves films almost as much as she loves to let her creativity flow.  Can you guess which one inspired her latest design?

Polish, paint, and post: that’s the order in which nail-art blogger Kathrin Wölfle approaches her projects. She had been doing her own designs for a long time when one day on the train two teenage girls complimented her nails and asked where they could find a tutorial to copy her style. Using their smartphones, they looked for DIY videos online together, but couldn’t find any. So in a spur of the moment decision Kathrin launched her own nail-art blog Lacknerds that provides ideas and tutorials for people who share her passion for nail-polish and nail-art. For inspiration, the feisty 26-year old often turns to her favourite films…

Lacknerd Kathrin Wölffle
Kathrin, nail-art blogger at lacknerds.blogspot.de

1. Which film could you watch over and over again?
I love everything that comes out of Marvel Studios, but most of all Captain America. He’s my favourite Avenger and I have the biggest crush on Chris Evans. I can’t wait to see Captain America: Civil War at the cinema next week.

2.Which films has your nail-art been inspired by?
Anything from Star Wars, to James Bond, Disney or Marvel movies. Most recently I did designs for Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. And the Mockingjay symbol from The Hunger Games movies was an obvious choice.

3 Questions for Kathrin Wölffle
Captain America superfan Kathrin can’t wait to see Civil War in theatres this May. For more of Kathrin’s amazing nail-arts, check out her instagram: @lacknerds

3. What’s the most disturbing film you’ve ever seen?
Eddie Murphy’s The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Ninjas vs. Zombies score pretty high on the weirdness-scala. But The Human Centipede definitely takes the crown. It’s a dutch horror movie about a mad scientist who is obsessed with the idea of creating a human centipede, by stitching people’s mouths to other people’s rectums, so that they share one digestive system. I would not recommend it to anyone.


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