Let’s talk TV Shows: 3 Questions for Allie Lanning

Sure, you’ll find gifs of other tv shows on Allie Lanning’s tumblr page, but 99% of it is dedicated to Freeform’s brilliant sci-fi procedural Stitchers. Her passion for the show is reflected in her fan-fiction, episode reviews, and, most notably, her work for the website Talk Nerdy with Us. To my great pleasure, Allie was more than happy to partake in this week’s 3 Questions. So I had to ask: why become Stitchers blogger?

One of the great pleasures of engaging with social media is that you get to “meet” people who are passionate about the same things as you. One of the truly wonderful people tumblr has introduced me to is 25-year old Allie Lanning from the great US of A. Like me, Allie appreciates Freeform’s sci-fi procedural Stitchers, one of the first shows I blogged about on here (Stitchers: For Fans of Detective Shows). Through her work for Talk Nerdy with Us, a platform dedicated to fandoms, Miss Lanning has has the opportunity to interview actors Kyle Harris and Emma Ishta, who play Cameron and Kirsten on Stitchers, as well as the show’s creator Jeffrey A. Schechter (you can find her interviews on her TNWU author page). While I enjoyed reading her interviews, I wanted to know more about the self-designated “nerd” herself…

Stitchers Blogger Allie Lanning
Allie Lanning, 25, blogger for Talk Nerdy with Us

1. Which TV show universe would you like to live in and why?

Definitely Stitchers.  I’ll throw everyone for a curveball here: if he had one, I’d love to be Fisher’s partner. I got my start in fandoms by watching shows like the CSIs and Bones, and from that I’d feel way more comfortable behind a badge than at the hands of the piloting program. Especially in their line of work, where what they do is so fragile and something could go wrong any second. You know, in episode 1×10, Cameron says something along the lines of ‘we could really help people,’ if the technology was readily available and that’s what I’m all about. I’ve always been about being able to help people or find justice for someone’s loved ones. I think being Fisher’s partner would give me a way to interact and assist the team, but still let everyone do their own thing, because they all do it so well. Plus, I’d get to eat donuts all of the time, and that’s the real goals, right?

2. What made you decide to become a Stitchers blogger? What makes the show stand out in your opinion?

Deciding to become a Stitchers blogger didn’t really even seem like a decision. I kind of just fell in to the role. There’s something about the show and how it becomes better and better every single week, that really attracts people. So, half the job is just me getting out there and interacting with folks and making them aware that ‘yes, there is this awesome show and you are not alone if you enjoy it.’ Plus a big part of what I do is because of the community around me. Folks who work just as hard as I do to make sure that we are getting the viewers and the ‘family’ like atmosphere that our fandom is known for.

What makes Stitchers stand out in my opinion is that it’s unlike any other show.  I honestly had never seen anything like it in all of my years (10) of being in fandoms. It’s a fantastic show that is really underrated. The whole cast and crew really gives their all to make a fantastic hour of television. Their dedication and their passion help me to be passionate. Plus, the characters that were created for this show mean a lot to me. I love Kirsten. I love seeing her coming in to her own and developing her emotions and I really relate to her in that way. I think we all do, in some way. I certainly am still developing and learning how to deal with my own emotions and how my actions and emotions affect those around me. I really don’t think that the show gets the credit it deserves but I am so honoured, proud, and grateful to be a part of the community and know that I am surrounded by cast, crew, and fandom who all love this show just as much as I do.

3. Apart from Stitchers, if you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

That’s a difficult one, because I watch so many shows from different genres. I’d have to say Brooklyn 99 though. Because I like to think that I’m an ‘Amy Santiago’, but really, I’m more of a ‘Jake Peralta’. I love the humor that that whole cast really brings to the table to portray their characters. Plus, each episode is so upbeat and puts me in such a great mood that watching it for the rest of my life would mean I’d never have another bad day.


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