Happy Mother’s Day to these 13 Badass Movie Mums

Ain’t no mountain high enough for these badass mothers: Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon and Sandra Bullock have all played characters who would go to the edge of the world for their children. Here are 13 movie mums who deserve a big fat “Thank You” for Mother’s Day…

1. Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! (2008)
She’s a business owner and former lead singer of girlband “Donna and the Dynamos”, but it’s raising her daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) all on her own that Streep’s Donna most excels at. Every time I listen to Streep and Seyfriend’s rendition of “Slipping through my fingers” I want to hug my mum real tight and tell her how much I love her and appreciate everything she’s done for me.

2. Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009)
A devout Christian (Bullock) takes in a teenage boy who has been abandoned by his biological mother, giving him a real home and a family for the first time in his life. Sandra Bullock deservedly won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance as Leanne Tuohy. She absolutely KILLS it in this film.

3. Susan Sarandon in Stepmom (1998)

After she is diagnosed with cancer, Jackie (Sarandon) must overcome her animosity towards her ex-husband’s second wife (Julia Roberts) for the sake of her children. One of my favourite scenes is when Jackie tries to cheer up her kids with karaoke after having told them about her illness: Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t no mountain high enough” perfectly captures Jackie’s unconditional love for her children and her readiness to do whatever it takes to make sure they are cared for.



4. Brie Larson in Room (2015)
Larson plays a young woman who is abducted at 17 and kept as a sex slave in her kidnapper’s shed. When she has a son, she tries her best to provide for him and making life inside the little room that they share as magical and agreeable as possible. 

5. Sally Field in Not without my daughter (1991)
Field plays an American who finds herself in the worst possible situation when her husband (Alfred Molina), after taking her and their daughter to his home country Iran to introduce them to his family, refuses to let them leave the country. But Betty will stop at nothing to save her daughter from being subjected to the patriarchal confines of a Sharia state.


6. Darlene Cates in What’s eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)
Bonnie Grape, a mother of four (Johnny Depp among others), doesn’t leave the house much because she has gained a lot of weight in the wake of her husband’s suicide and is uncomfortable with people staring at her in the street. But when her mentally disabled son Arnie (PHENOMENAL performance by Leonardo DiCaprio) is arrested for climbing the local water tower, she walks straight into the police station and demands he be released – even if it means being subjected to the cruel treatment of small-town folk, who call her names and take pictures of her on her way back to the car.

7. Kristin Scott Thomas in The Horse Whisperer (1998)
When her daughter (teenage Scarlett Johansson) is involved in a traumatizing horse riding accident, Annie McLean (Scott Thomas) seeks out the help of a legendary horse trainer (Robert Redford) to help mend both the horse’s and her daughter’s wounds.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday (2003)
Tess Coleman (Curtis) and her 15 year old daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) are not getting along. When a fortune cookie causes them to switch bodies, they must learn how to walk a mile in each other’s shoes if they want to switch back before Tess’ wedding to Ryan.

9. Jaya Bachchan in Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad / Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001)
At the center of the film is Nandini’s unconditional love for her children, most of all her adopted son Rahul (SRK) with whom she shares an almost psychic connection. After Rahul defies his father’s orders and marries below his caste, the family becomes estranged. Years later, Rahul’s brother tricks their parents into coming to London, where Rahul now lives with his wife and son, and Nandini immediately senses her son’s presence.

10. Kathleen Turner in House of Cards (1993)
After her father’s death, Sally stops speaking or even reacting to other people entirely. Doctors think she might be autistic, but her mother Ruth (Turner) is convinced that she can get her daughter back. To pull her out of her dream world, she starts replicating an elaborate house of cards that Sally built.

11. Carey Mulligan in Suffragette (2015)
After her husband bans her from the house for being a suffragette, Maude (Mulligan) shows up outside her son Georgie’s window in secret, making silly faces and gestures in the pouring rain just to make him smile.

12. Maggie Gyllenhaal in Won’t back down (2012)
When she realises that her daughter has poor reading skills because her public school teachers simply don’t care about giving students a proper education, a young single mum (Gyllenhaal) starts to rally.

13. Julie Walters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2
Molly Weasley will make her kids a hot cuppa, she will knit them a nice jumper, and she will read to them before bed. And, like any committed mother, she will send someone to hell if they dare lay a hand on her children.


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