Penelope: A modern-day Fairy Tale about the Importance of Self-Love

“I’m too fat”, “My nose is too big”, “Why does my skin always look like a volcanic wasteland?” – if you’ve ever struggled to accept your own flaws and imperfections, Penelope is the perfect film for you.

Penelope (2006): Directed by Mark Palansky; running-time 1h 44mins.; starring Christina Ricci (The Addams Family, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles), James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland, The X-Men Series), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, The X-Men Series), Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions).

What’s it about? Penelope is a modern-day fairy tale about a girl (Ricci) who inherits a family curse (she is born with a pig’s snout) that can only be broken if someone of her own kind accepts her as she is. Her search is complicated when a shameless reporter (Dinklage) hires an alleged blue-blood (McAvoy) to court her.

What’s it really about? The importance of accepting yourself the way you are.

Pick if:

  • You’ve ever struggled to accept your own flaws and imperfections: Penelope will teach you a valuable lesson about self-worth and self-acceptance
  • “Greatest Love of All” is your favourite Whitney Houston song
  • You’re in the mood for something romantic: the love story between Penelope and Max will make you sigh
  • You’re looking for a movie you can watch with your family: Penelope is a romance first, but it also tells a great story about parents and children. You will never truly get to know your child if you hold on to some perfect idea of who they should be
  • You like modern-day fairy tales like Pushing Daisies, Beastly or Just like Heaven
  • You’re a fan of James McAvoy‘s. He is phenomenal in this film
  • You appreciate lush art direction and set design: PenelopeĀ uses warm colours and gorgeous interior such as her abundance of domed plants, her wall decorations and most of all, the giant swing in the middle of her room!!!
  • Autumn is your favourite season: Penelope’s wardrobe will make you want to go shopping for coats and scarves ASAP
  • The one thing you aspire to in life is to be fearlessly unique
Penelope: A modern-day fairy tale
Penelope (Christina Ricci) desperately yearns to be free

Most memorable scene: Penelope runs away from home and sees the outside world for the first time. At first she is scared, but then she discovers that people are more accepting and kind than she would have thought.

Most memorable quote: It’s not the power of the curse – it’s the power you give the curse.

Where can I watch? Penelope is available for streaming on Sky Go, Netflix Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.




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