Manhattan Love Story: The perfect Show for Fans of Romantic Comedies

Got a rainy weekend coming up and no idea how to spend it? Manhattan Love Story is a RomCom tv show about the realationship of two Manhattanites. It’s funny, it’s quirky, it’s endearing – and by designation very romantic…

Manhattan Love Story (2014): Created by Jeff Lowell; 11 episodes à 22mins.; starring Jake McDorman (Greek, Limitless), Analeigh Tipton (Two Night Stand, Crazy Stupid Love), Nicolas Wright, Chloe Wepper, Jade Catta-Preta, Kurt Fuller (Good Wife, Supernatural).

For fans of: Romantic Comedies such as The Ugly Truth, That Awkward Moment, or Trainwreck.

I fell in love with Manhattan Love Story when I was interning in New York City, but you don’t have to have lived in the Big Apple to be able to relate to this wonderful RomCom show. It’s romantic, it’s funny, and it’s got great characters. To tell you the truth, I still don’t understand why it got canceled after only 11 episodes…

1. It’s funny

Most RomComs are told from the perspective of the female protagonist who is usually front and center, while the male love interest almost takes a backseat to the story. By contrast, the narrative of Manhattan Love Story takes the perspective of both the male and the female protagonist, alternating between Peter and Dana’s voice-over monologues. And in this juxtaposition is where the humour of the series lies, because it shows how different the pair thinks about relationships and specific situations that arise while they’re dating.

2. It’s an accurate portrayal of dating in your 20s

If you haven’t been in a long-term relationship since you were 16, you’ve probably got some dating experience. And if you do, then you know that while it can be fun and exciting, most of the time dating is frustrating and confusing. What’s great about Manhattan Love Story is that it is able to capture all the nuances of dating in your 20s, from Peter’s baseless aversion to commitment, to Dana’s struggle to appear unattainable or her attempts to make him jealous and all the many miscommunications and misunderstandings inbetween. Thus, their relationship is very easy to relate to. As such, the show is perfect or a girls night because you can reminisce about your own dating mishaps together and have a laugh about it.

3. Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman have great chemistry

In fact, the two of them fell in love on set and are still dating in real life. If you’re a romantic, I recommend you have a look at their instagram feeds (@jake_mcdorman and @analeighctipton) where they constantly swoon about each other and share almost painfully adorable snaps of themselves. What’s more, back in 2014 when the show first aired, the pair went “love-busking” all over New York in order to promote it (i.e. they would stand in some of Manhattan’s most iconic places holding up signs like “Here’s to love” and “Go find your love story”) and they would share pictures taken of streetart that involved hearts or the word ‘love’ – awww…

Manhattan Love Story promo
Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman “love-busking” in Times Square IMG taken from @jake_mcdorman’s Instagram

4. The characters aren’t caricatures

Unlike RomCom movies, the characters on this show aren’t just there to drive the primary plot – the love story between Peter and Dana – forward. Instead, Manhattan Love Story  explores both Peter’s relationship with his father (Fuller) and siblings (Wepper, Wright) and Dana’s friendship with  Amy (Catta-Preta) and her husband David, who have a wonderful love story of their own.

Where can I watch? All 11 episodes are available on YouTube and  Hulu.

To binge or not to binge? Manhattan Love Story is very binge-able. It’s perfect for a rainy Sunday, or a sick-day, since it’s not a complex story.


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