Monte Carlo: An American Impostor in Paris

Gossip Girl meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in this charming travel comedy If you’re dying to go on a trip with your girlfriends, but can’t find the time, Monte Carlo is the next best thing…

What’s it about? While on holiday in Europe, a high school graduate (Selena Gomez) gets mistaken for a British heiress. As the socialite’s entourage whisks Grace, her step sister (Leighton Meester) and her best friend (Katie Cassidy) away to Monte Carlo, she becomes enthralled by the glamour and luxury of her doppelgänger’s lifestyle, which includes the courting of a charming young aristocrat.

What’s it really about? There’s nothing more noble than being true to who you are, even if you aren’t of royal blood.

Pick if:

  • You’re looking for a fun and sweet film about friendship to watch on a girls night
  • You’ve ever gone traveling with your friends, or intend to do so this summer
  • You’ve ever been on a really shit tour. You’ll be able to relate to the girls’ disappointment over their tiny hotel room and the poor quality of the tour guide
  • You’re dying to on a glam holiday like the ones you’ve seen in Sex and the City or Gossip Girl: Monte Carlo really makes you wish you had an unlimited travel budget
  •  You enjoy stories about people finding themselves halfway across the world. Much like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Monte Carlo  follows Grace, Meg and Emma on a journey into their own hearts as they all come to realise something about themselves they were previously blind to
  • You used to watch all of the Olsen twins adventures abroad as a teen, Winning London, When in Rome, or Our Lips are Sealed

Most memorable quote:

Theo: You’re different than I expected.
Grace as Cordelia: I’m sorry.
Theo: Don’t be. Different is good.

Most memorable scene: *********************SPOILER************************

As Meg, who is usually very serious and stuck-up, decides to continue traveling with Riley, the Australian back-packer she’s met and formed a connection with, she and Grace hug  goodybe and recognise each other as sisters for the first time since their parents got married.

Free-spirited Riley (Luke Bracey) makes Meg (Leighton Meester) smile for the first time since her mother’s death

Where can I watch? Monte Carlo is available for streaming on Amazon, Maxdome, iTunes, Google Play as well as Netflix (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, Poland and Russia)

Monte Carlo (2011): Directed by Thomas Bezucha; running-time 1h 49mins.; starring Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers, Bad Neighbours 2), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl, Country Strong), Katie Cassidy (Arrow, Gossip Girl), Luke Bracey (The Best of Me, November Man), Corey Monteith (Glee).


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