14 Film Dogs That Have Stolen the Scene

Shepherds, Mutts, Retrievers: if you love dogs with all your heart, you are going to enjoy every second of scrolling through the following list – featuring familiar pals like Benji!

1.”Toto”, The Wizard of Oz

Let’s face it, there will come a point in each of our lives when we’ll accidentally get swept up by a tornado and dropped in a magical land. And when that day comes, we’ll need a brave little dog like Toto by our side to help us brace the challenges ahead.

Dog Toto Wizard of Oz

2. “Jack”, The Artist

He will add some light to the most monotonous of lives.

Dog Jack The Artist

3.”Buddy”, Air Bud

This Golden Retriever will help you make any sports team you like.

Dog Buddy Aur Bud

4. “Baxter”, Anchorman

Bought a big wheel of cheese and got nobody to share it with? Baxter’s happy to help.

5. “Jerry Lee”, K-9

Wait a minute, I feel like I have this exact same dog! Except mine hasn’t picked up the art of sipping from a straw yet…

Dog Jerry Lee K-9

6. “Hooch”, Turner & Hooch

He would take a bullet for you.


7. “Boomer”, Independence Day

It’s always a relief to know that your dog’s able to take care of itself during an alien attack.

8. “Benji”, Benji

Don’t you just want to scoop him up and cuddle him all day?

Dog Benji

9.”Maya”, Eight Below

In fact, all of Paul Walker’s dogs in this film based on true events are precious. But if you could only pick one, Maya would be the one to go with because she is the smartest and the most enduring of the bunch.

Dog Maya Eight below

10. “Marley”, Marley and me

He will be there for the joy, he will be there for the tears.


11. & 12. “Shadow” & “Chance”, Homeward Bound

I’m really struggling to see the screen through the stream of tears running down my face, so please excuse my typos: Shadow and Chance, in the words of Scottish singer duo The Proclaimers, “would walk 500 miles and {they} would walk 500 more” just to show up at your door again.

CHance Shadow Homeward Bound

13. Eggsy’s dog, Kingsmen

I’m sorry, did you say that this adorable pug is only avalaible if we take in Taron Egerton as well? Well bless the Lord for kingsize beds…

14.”Hachi”, Hachiko

I mean, #doggoals. Who wouldn’t want to be picked up at the train station by this loyal Akita every day?

Dog Hachiko

To be continued…


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