Angie Tribeca: The Naked Gun 77 3/4

If you couldn’t get enough of Leslie Nilson’s Naked Gun movies as a kid, Angie Tribeca is the perfect show for you. Written by Steve and Nancy Carrell, the show is hilariously absurd in its celebratory mocking of the police procedural genre. Here are 5 Reasons to start watching NOW…

Angie Tribeca (2015): Created by Steve and Nancy Carrell; 2 seasons à 10 episodes à 21mins.; starring Rashida Jones (Parks & Rec, Celeste & Jesse Forever), Hayes MacArthur (She’s out of my league), Deon Cole (Black-ish), Alfred Molina (Not without my daughter, Spiderman 2), Jere Burns (Justified).

For fans of: The Naked Gun movies, elaborate puns and visual comedy.

Steve and Nancy Carrell’s new show about a kickass female detective working for the LAPD’s RHCU – the Really Heinous Crimes Unit – is an aggressively silly comedy for the quick and the sharp. Here are 5 Reasons why you should give this show a go…

1. Parody of police procedurals

Clearly, the Carrells share a passionate love for shows like CSI Miami and Law & Order SVU. After all, the title sequence of Angie Tribeca is a parody of CSI Miami‘s theme song, The Who’s “Won’t get fooled again”. Moreover, over the course of its second season, the show pays hommage to the Shawshank Redemption, A Few good Men, as well as Baywatch and Point Break with an endlessly amusing mash-up episode.

2. Literal comedy

In the tradition of early nineties police comedies The Naked Gun and Police Academy, Angie Tribeca is the perfect combination of visual comedy and clever wordplay, which often includes literal interpretations of figures of speech. For instance, when Angie gets engaged to Sergeant Pepper (see “pop cultural references”) in the pilot episode, she asks him whether he is okay with swinging only to reveal the two of them heading over to an actual set of swings.

3. Eccentric characters

Between Dr. Edelweiss, the coroner who pretends to have a different disability each week, the nameless officer whose only job it is to scream for a variety of reasons at the beginning of each episode, and Rashida Jones’ eponymous Angie Tribeca, a woman so layered you will find small children on tricycles pedalling out from beneath her ball gown, Angie Tribeca is a smorgasbord of hot messes. But the best character on the show by far is Detective David Hoffman, a german shepherd with a gun and badge that nobody acknowledges to be a dog. Ever.

4. Famous guest stars

Much like the show it seeks to emulate, Angie Tribeca boasts an impressive list of celebrity guest stars, chief among them Bill Murray as a supermarket employer who specialises in paper towels, James Franco, as Angie’s former partner and fiancé who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and Gene Simmons from KISS as a guitar playing robber.

5. Pop-cultural references

Though not quite as frequent as on the Simpsons or Family Guy, the writers of Angie Tribeca will sneak in references to popular television and film phenomena. A lot of the time they’re hidden in characters’ names, such as Sergeant Pepper (the name of the Beatles’ famous album), DJ Tanner (as in the oldest of the Full House siblings), and Kobayashi Maru (a training exercise designed to test the character of a cadet in the Star Trek universe). It’s near impossible to catch all of the references because the show is so quick and nobody knows everything. But that’s okay: the Carrells want you to discover the references over time, through countless re-watches of the episodes.

To binge or not to binge: Since the show’s unusual humour requires a bit of mental gymnastics, I’d suggest watching no more than three episodes in one sitting.

Where can I watch? Angie Tribeca is available for streaming on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.


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