My Life in Ruins: For Anyone who’s ever held a crappy Summer Job

Selling tickets to the local swimming pool, waiting tables at a shabby restaurant, or dusting off antique rugs: these are the kind of designations that pop into my head when I think about crappy summer jobs. But to Georgia, it’s being a tourguide in Greece. My Life in Ruins is an entertaining tale of finding your drive when you’re at your lowest.

My Life in Ruins (2009): Directed by Donald Petrie; running-time 1h 35mins; starring Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Richard Dreyfuss (American Graffiti), Rachel Dratch (SNL), Caroline Goodall (The Princess Diaries).

Over the years, my friends and I have sold tickets at the local swimming pool, waited tables at shabby restaurants whose owner may or may not have been involved with the Mafia, and dusted off antique rugs in a draughty castle. Thus, being a tourguide in Greece certainly isn’t the first thing that pops into my head when I think about crappy summer jobs. But to Georgia it feels like she has hit rock bottom when she finds herself in charge of the most difficult tourist group in all of Greece after being laid off from her teaching position at Athens University.But the more time she spends with the people in her group, the more she learns to accommodate their needs and preferences and as a result forms a beautiful relationship with each of them. Now that’s a job I would gladly take.

What’s it really about? My Life in Ruins is an entertaining tale of finding your drive when you’re at your lowest.

Pick if:

  • You like travel comedies such as If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium, or Monte Carlo
  • You have been to or always wanted to go to Greece
  • You’ve ever taken part in an organised tour. They quality can be appalling, but in hindsight you’ll be able to laugh about it and focus on the few good moments you had on the trip
  • You’ve ever been stuck in a crappy summer job and generally just felt like complaining about your life: My Life in Ruins is testimony to the fact that sometimes a situation can be improved simply by changing your mindset towards it
  • You’re looking for an uplifting film to watch with your friends, your family or by yourself: due to the variety of the characters i.e. the people in Georgia’s group, everyone watching can identify with somebody in this film. Even your grandparentsNote: Just because Nia Vardalos also starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, doesn’t mean the two films are similar, they’re not.

Most memorable scene: Georgia enlists the help of her driver and some of the members of her group to swap their bus’ broken air conditioning for that of her arch nemesis Nikos’ group.

Most memorable quote:

Georgia: Standing in the middle of culture and history and they want a fifty-fifity poly/cotton blend T-shirt with a picture of a Trojan horse. Why am I spending my life showing tourists gorgeous ancient ruins they care nothing about? And Pangloss Tours pays lousy. They book the worst hotel rooms. I don’t have any friends here. I actually don’t know anybody. Really, I haven’t had sex in forever.
Poupi: Forever is a long time.
Georgia: Yeah…You speak English?
Poupi: Yes.

Where can I watch? My Life in Ruins is available for streaming on Amazon, Maxdome and iTunes. It’s also on YouTube.


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