Drive me Crazy is the perfect Nineties Throwback for your next BFF sleepover

Clueless, She’s all that, 10 Things I hate about You: if you love films that teach young viewers that heartlessly manipulating somebody in order to affirm your own social status always pays off, Drive me Crazy is for you! The highschool romcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier is a true nineties gem.

Drive me Crazy (1999): Directed by John Schultz; running-time 1h 31mins.; starring Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Adrian Grenier (Entourage, The Devil wears Prada), Stephen Collins (7th Heaven), Ali Larter (Heroes, Final Destination), Susann May Pratt (Center Stage, 10 Things I hate about You), Jordan Bridges (Mona Lisa Smile), Mark Webber (Green Room, Scott Pilgrim vs the World).

Clueless, She’s all that, 10 Things I hate about You : The nineties were a prolific decade for teen romcoms. And while Drive me Crazy is lesser known than the aforementioned titles, it is just as quotable and re-watchable as its more commercially successful brethren. More importantly, it, too belongs in the catalog of films that instilled in an entire generation the profound creed that even if you heartlessly manipulate and exploit somebody for your own personal gain, they will eventually forgive you and want to be with you. And people wonder why this generation is so emotionally damaged…

What’s it about? After she gets dumped by her varsity boyfriend, a popular high school student turns her next door neighbour into a hottie so she can take him to prom and maker her ex jealous.

What’s it really about? The danger of losing your true self as you try to fit in with the self-designated “it-crowd.

Pick if:

  • You’re looking for a nineties throwback for your next BFF sleepover: though it is lesser known, Drive me Crazy has the essence of classic highschool romcoms such as She’s all that and 10 Things I hate about you
  • Speaking of She’s all that: if you like films that are based on the presumption that a popular kid can turn a loser into the most eligible prom date, this film is for you
  • You appreciate a great pop soundtrack: Drive me Crazy’s includes songs by the Donnas, REO Speedwagon, as well as 70s rock pop-rock anthem “Wig Wam Bam” by The Sweet. It also features “Stranded” by Plumb, a ballad that is eerily reminiscent of Jessica Riddle’s “Even Angels fall” from 10 Things I hate about You
  • You always wondered why Melissa Joan Hart was waiting tables at the club that Britney Spears rocked out at in the music video for her hit song “(You) Drive me Crazy”: after Spears’ tune was added to the soundtrack, it was decided that Melissa and Adrian should star in the video to promote the film. They were NOT happy

Most memorable scene: Nicole brings Chase along to an “it-crowd” event where he ends up chatting to Dee, who is dating the biggest jock in school. She tells him that she and Chase are kindred spirits since she, too, scammed her way into the inner circle, by dropping weight, dying her hair and getting contact lenses. As they reflect upon the changes to their social life, Dee admits: “It may have been a short list, but before I became who I am now, at least I knew who really cared about me.”

Most memorable quote:

Chase: “I’m pulling off the biggest scam of all time: I entered into their world”
Ray: “Well, I hope you left bread crumbs”

Magic Music Moment: After their first outing as a “couple”, Nicole and Chase go cruising down Broad Street in his convertible and start goofing off to REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on loving you” at full volume.

Where can I watch? Drive me Crazy is available for streaming on Netflix UK and Ireland as well as YouTube.


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