Let’s talk Films: 3 Questions for Ice Cream Blogger Alissia Lehle

To Alissia Lehle, a good film is like ice in the sunshine. And the girl really loves ice cream. So much so that she has dedicated her blog IceIceCrazy to unusual ice-cream creations. I spoke to her about films that make her think of summer, her favourite tv series of all time and the perfect ice-cream flavour for an evening on the sofa with your streaming service of choice…

You love snacking on popcorn while you enjoy a good film before bed, but it just doesn’t feel right to heat up the microwave on a hot summer day? Quelle dilemma! But  Lissi might be able to help out with that: the 23-year-old “Münchner Kindl” has dedicated her blog IceIceCrazy to unusual ice cream creations (especially those of the alcoholic kind) and her latest discovery is this delicious pop-corn flavoured ice cream. We also had a nice chat about her film and tv show preferences…

Popcorn Eis

1. Which tv series could you watch over and over again for the rest of your life?
FRIENDS. I know every episode by heart, but I could still watch them over and over again. Mostly because of Chandler and Joey – they crack me up every time!

2. Which film makes you think of summer?
Dirty Dancing. She carried a watermelon to the hottest party of the year. At a summer camp. Need I say more?

3. A tv show everybody loves, but you hate
Sex and the City. Hate is a strong word, but Carrie  Bradshaw is super annoying the entire series…


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