Let’s Talk Films: 3 Questions for Animal Lover Stephanie Becker

Marley & Me, War Horse, Free Willy – Stephanie Becker loves films about friendships between humans and animals. But, she told me in this week’s 3 Questions, there is one that stands out…

Stephie, 25, Blogger for Humanimal

Stephanie Becker is one of those people who prefers the company of animals to that of other people. For this reason, she has dedicated her blog “Humanimal” to the many ways in which humans benefit from non-exploitative relationships with animals, particularly with regard to animal assisted therapy. In addition, she has become an expert on films about the relationship between humans and animals. But I was surprised to hear which one is her favourite…

1. Who’s your favourite actor and can you name five films that they have starred in?
I love Tom Hardy. He’s incredible! You know, I like to say “Tom gives me a hardy“. Tom Hardy makes everything better. He’s like the human version of grated cheese. He starred in a lots of movies, but sadly he hasn’t got the attention he deserves. My Top-5-Hardy-Movies are The Drop, Warrior, Lawless, The Take and his character in the BBC-Show Peaky Blinders.

2. As an expert on the relationship between humans and animals, what is your favourite film on this matter?
I would say Disney’s Brother Bear. It’s not just about the friendship between humans and animals, it’s about the bound we have. We are all interconnected with nature, we the humans are not better than the animals. Also the movie tells us, that we can only understand each other, when we switch perspective.

3. Which cinematic universe would you like to live in?
Easy: I’d love to live in the Game of Thrones– Universe. It’s got real men, with beards and axes. You drink all the time, there are dragons and if you don’t like someone, you just kill him. Even if you love someone you kill him. It’s the perfect way to solve problems.


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