About Time: The most heartwarming Love Story since The Notebook

If you cried your eyes out over The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife, you’re going to need to stock up on tissues before watching this film: About Time is a beautiful story about the distance we are willing to go for love.

I say love story instead of romance because the film is not just about “boy meets girl and travels back in time until she agrees to go out with him.” It is also about the love you feel for your family. About Time is honestly one of the best romantic dramas I’ve ever seen. Although time travel is part of the plot, the characters feel more real and genuine than in most romance films and the story not at all contrived.

What’s it about? At the age of 21, Tim (Domnall Gleeson) discovers that the men in his family can travel back in time and decides to use his gift to make the world a better place – by finding himself a girlfriend.

What’s it really about? Making the most of what little time you’ve got with those you love.

About Time1
Bill Nighy makes every film better.

Pick if:

  • You’re in the mood for a genuine, heartwarming romance about the distance we are willing to travel for those we love
  • You’re looking for something to see with your family, friends, or on a date
  • You love films about the effort people are willing to put into their relationships, such as The Notebook or The Time Traveler’s Wife, who, incidentally, also star Rachel McAdams
  • You like British romantic films such as Notting Hill, or Love, Actually: About Time is similarly poignant and contemplative in its assertion that love is the only magic we need to transform our lives into something extraordinary
  • You appreciate a great throwback soundtrack: Britpop tunes such as “Mr Brightside” by the Killers, “Push the Button” by the Sugababes, and “What’s your Flava” by Craig David are all featured in this film

Most memorable quote: “We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”

Most memorable scene: ********************SPOILER***********************

After his father has passed away, Tim regularly travels back in time to see him and play table tennis with him. But when Mary tells him she is pregnant again, he realises that once the child is born, he will no longer be able to go back (it’s one of the rules of time traveling in this film). So he goes back for one last goodbye that will break your heart.

Magic Music Moment: As Mary walks down the Isle on her wedding day, “Il Mondo” by Jimmy Fontana starts to play.

Where can I watch? About Time is available for streaming on Amazon, Maxdome, iTunes as well as Netflix Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Canada.

About Time (2013): From the creator of Love, Actually and Notting Hill; running-time 2h 3mins.; starring Rachel McAdams (Spotlight), Domhall Gleeson (The Revenant), Bill Nighy (Love, Actually), Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad).


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