Footloose: An Unnecessary Remake that Surprisingly turned out Pretty Great

It takes a lot of guts to re-make an iconic 80s film, let alone one starring Kevin Bacon. Then again, Footloose (2011) has got one of the best dancers in the world playing the female lead…

Footloose (2011): Based on the 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon, running-time 1h 53mins.; starring Kenny Wormald (Center Stage 2), Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages), Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment), Andie McDowell (Groundhog Day), Dennis Quaid (Frequency).

People have not given this film the credit it deserves. As a former dancer, I have seen my fair share of “dance flicks”, whether they’re about ballet (Center Stage), tap (A Chorus Line), Ballroom (Take the Lead), Hip Hop (Honey), Hip Hop meets Ballet (Save the last Dance), Jazz (Staying Alive), or Street (Step up). And trust me when I say that the 2011 remake of Footloose can hold its own in their company, first and foremost because of a stunning break-out performance by American dance royalty Julianne Hough (of Dancing with the Stars).

What’s it about? When a couple of teenagers die in a car crash on their way home from a party, a small-town in the South invokes a ban on dancing. Years later, the local teenagers start to rebel…

What’s it really about? You gotta fight for your right to partay!

Pick if:

  • You can’t get enough of watching hot dance routines: lead actors Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald are professional dancers and my Lord do things heat up when they hit the floor
  • You like stories about the social power that rests with the young: Footloose is a testament to the fact that teenagers can achieve anything if they put their mind to it
  • You want to see a cute romance: Ariel and Ren have that rare kind of young love chemistry that is both innocent and steamy
  • You’re looking for a drama to watch with your family: Footloose tells a story about a family torn apart by grief and shines a light on how each individual member deals with loss in their own way
  • You love Miles Teller: he is adorable as Willard and it is funny to see him pretend not to be able to dance
  • You appreciate original covers of classic songs: as well as adding new songs like Big & Rich’s “Fake ID” and “Feet off the ground” by Three 6 Mafia to the track list, Footloose (2011) uses songs from the original film as performed by contemporary artists. Nickelodeon alumn Victoria Justice sweetly renders “Almost Paradise” with Hunter Hayes, Jana Kramer delivers her version of “Let’s hear it for the boy”, and country great Blake Shelton takes on the titular “Footloose”


Most memorable dance scene: Who knew line dancing could be hot? But it’s got nothing on Ariel and Ren’s dance off in the diner parking lot.

Most memorable quote: “You can stick a quarter in that girl’s backpocket and tell whether or not it’s heads or tails.” – Willard referring to Ariel

Where can I watch? Footloose is available for rent on Amazon, Maxdome and iTunes as well as for streaming on Netflix.


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