Let’s Talk Films: 3 Questions for Catarina Godde

She loves her shows, she couldn’t live without music and she’s a Disney kid through and through, but which princess does PR-trainee Catarina Godde look up to the most?

Catarina Godde, 27, PR-trainee

1. What’s the best soundtracked film you’ve ever seen?
Fifty Shades of Grey! The film may not be for everyone, but the soundtrack is truly excellent. When Christian shows Ana his „red room“ for the first time and Beyoncés sultry cover of „Crazy in Love“ starts to play, it gave me goosebumps.

2. A film you would like to see developed into a TV series
I think Gone Girl would make a great crime-series. What’s true and what isn’t? The story renders itself to so many cliffhangers. My guess is that it would be a real love-hate relationship with that show. At any rate it would be one of those programmes that you can’t stop watching and have to binge in one night sitting.

3. Which Disney heroine do you look up to the most?
Tricky question! The Little Mermaid is probably my favourite Disney film, but who signs a contract without reading it first? In that respect, I would say Merida from Brave is the better role model. She’s fearless, tough and wonderfully brazen. I like that she doesn’t subscribe to the role of the idle princess. Instead, she is brave enough to differ and do things her own way. And it’s pretty clear that it’s her and her mum who actually rule the kingdom, not the men – very refreshing! Moreover, Merida realises that all the potential suitors that are presented to her are idiots. If only more princesses had been aware how dull their eventual husbands were…


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