Chalet Girl: Snowboarding, Sex and Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll

Felicity Jones and Gossip Girl bad boy Ed Westwick hit the Alpine slopes in this cute winter romcom. Full disclosure: if you haven’t booked a skiing holiday this year, Chalet Girl might be painful to watch.

Chalet Girl (2011): Running-time 1h 36mins.; starring Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Tamsin Egerton (Camelot), Bill Nighy (Love,Actually), Brooke Shields (Suddenly Susan), Bill Bailey (Black Books), Georgia King (Wild Child), Ken Duken (Inglorious Basterds), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), Nicholas Braun (How to be Single), Tara Dakides.

What’s it about? In order to pay the bills, 19-year-old Kim (Jones) takes a job as a chalet girl in Austria where she learns how to snowboard and falls for her employers’ son (Westwick).

What’s it really about? Not letting past grievances stop you from achieving greatness.

Why it’s worth watching:

  • Chalet Girl is a fun and lighthearted romcom that’ll put you in a good mood and make you excited about winter
  • Especially since it was filmed in one of the most gorgeous and prestige skiing destinations in the world, St Anton in Austria (as well as Germany’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen – lovely place)
Georgie (Tamsin Egerton) shows Kim (Felicity Jones) the ropes of “chalet girling”
  • Moreover, it tells a heartwarming story of a reluctant friendship between Kim and fellow chalet girl Georgie, who, refreshingly, isn’t just there to advance the plot or provide background information, but instead gets a storyline of her own
  • It includes a charming sub-plot where Kim gets mentored by sexy scandinavian snowboarder Mikki (Duken)
  • It’s got a great cast with Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones in the lead and plenty of charming young talent to back her up, including German actor Ken Duken
  • Not to mention Bill Nighy, a.k.a the best part of Love, Actually, starring as Johnny’s dad and British comedy icon Bill Bailey starring as Kim’s
  • You get to see thrilling action scenes involving snowboarding and skiing. Fun fact: neither Felicity Jones nor Ed Westwick had been on a snowboard before filming. Jones trained for six hours every day so that she could perform basic tricks. If you’re into films about winter sports, such as Bodycheck (ice hockey), The Cutting Edge, Ice Princess (figure skating), or Eddie the Eagle (ski jumping), you’re going to enjoy this one
  • And it boasts a cool indie rock soundtrack including songs by The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Scouting for Girls and Livingston

Most memorable scene: When she goes out on the slopes in the early hours of morning, Kim meets the mysterious snowboarder they call “the Yeti” who helps her confront her fears.

But my personal favourite is this:

Most memorable quote:

Georgie: Three golden rules of chalet girling. One, no friends up in the chalet. Two, you can party all you like as long as breakfast is on the table at eight. You’re asleep, you pack your bags.Three, no sleeping with the clients. Unless they’re fit. Or minted. Or hitting on you.
Kim: Basically there’s only two rules.
Georgie: Basically, yeah.

Where can I watch? Chalet Girl is available for streaming on Netflix Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, UK, Ireland and US. It’s also on Amazon and iTunes. YouTube has the Italian, Spanish and German (Alias Powder Girl) version.


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