The Good Guy is just what every Girls Night needs

If you have re-fallen in love with Alexis Bledel after watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, you should check out this film: The Good Guy is an unconventional romantic drama that will both shatter women’s faith in men and reaffirm it.

What’s it about? Young Manhattanite Beth (Alexis Bledel) falls hard for Tommy (Scott Porter), a sexy, young Wall Street hot-shot. But just as everything seems to be falling into place, complications arise in the form of Tommy’s sensitive and handsome co-worker Daniel (Bryan Greenberg).

What’s it really about? Some men really are huge lying assholes. But there are some good guys out there and they deserve a chance.

Pick if:

  • You’re planning a girls night for one of your friends who has recently been dumped or cheated on. Do NOT watch this on a date as it will make you mad at men.
  • You’re in the mood for a quiet, understated and unconventional romantic drama
Don’t be fooled Beth: Underneath his charming smile is a rotten soul
  • You’re intrigued by unreliable narrators
  • You like to read a lot and are thinking of starting a book club: Beth and her friends seem so classy and sophisticated discussing classic literature over glasses of wine
  • You’ve ever been disappointed by the pitfalls of dating in a metropolis like New York City
  • You are looking for new music to add to your break-up playlist which may or may not be titled “men suck”: The Good Guy features a beautiful indie soundtrack including songs like “Your Ex-Lover is dead” by Stars or “Lately” by The Helio Sequence.

Most memorable scene: Beth is trying to decide whether she should take a job in California, but can’t make up her mind. To help her decide, Daniel flips a coin – heads she stays, tails she goes– and the result both surprises and impresses her.

Most memorable quote:

Beth: …I don’t think she’s ever even been in love!
Tommy: Have you?
Beth: I thought so, but I think that when somebody turns out to be completely different than what you thought, it doesn’t really count.

Where can I watch? The Good Guy is available for streaming on Maxdome, Amazon and Netflix Australia and New Zealand. It’s also on YouTube.

The Good Guy (2009): Running-time 1h 30mins.; Starring Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Anna Chlumsky (My Girl), Denise Vasi (Single Ladies), Christine Evangelista (Chicago Fire).


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