Let’s Talk Horses and Films: 3 Questions with One of my Oldest Friends, Hanna S.


“Naaaaaaaaaaaah, zimbenjaaaaaa, wawawiziwawaaaa”: Whenever I listen to The Lion King soundtrack, I think of my bestest and oldest friend Hanna (25 years and counting!). Through the years, our taste in popular culture has bifurcated considerably, which is why it was a great pleasure asking her my first 3 Questions of 2017.

Every single one of my best childhood memories is inextricably bound to one person, Hanna. We met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since. She stuck with me through good times and bad, through the awkwardness of puberty and the daze and confusion of young adulthood. Growing up we used to watch cartoons together all afternoon. We’ve also seen The Lion King – and, more importantly, The Lion King 2 – about 50 times – but Simba’s pride is nothing compared to the one I take in being able to call this fearless woman my bestie. Now that we’ve entered adulthood, we don’t always share the same taste in films and series anymore, which is why it I found this chat all the more interesting…

1. What’s the most aesthetically pleasing film you’ve ever watched?

Of Horses and Men, an islandic movie with a lot of horse and landscape specific eye-candy. Roughly six of my teenage years I spent horse-riding at least once a week on islandic horses, together with my good friend and author of this blog Anna, learning to control their additional pace “Tölt” and developing an eye for the beauty of this extraordinary breed. This film is an absolute must-watch for everyone who loves horses, raw landscapes and very weird plots. 

2. What’s the most disturbing film you’ve ever watched?

This one is hard to pick because my mind usually tends to block out negative experiences, especially visual ones. But one very disturbing film that stuck with me was the german-language film Der freie Wille (The free will) with Jürgen Vogel in the lead. It starts with a 10 minute segment of him raping a woman in the dunes of the Baltic sea. For the following two and a half hours, the rapist’s story is told between therapy, relapse, regret, love and hopelessness. Watching it, your hate and disgust towards this person, combined with pity for the victims at the beginning, slowly gets mixed with some weird sensation of compassion for the main character and leave you with some deeply befuddled thoughts and feelings at the end.

3. Which movie character you would like to go for a drink with?

Pipi Longstockings! A childhood heroine of mine, although I admired her most for her house, horse and monkey and did not get the emancipation and anarchism that is expressed within this character. The series was produced in the 60s and the lead actress was born in 1959. So either with the grown-up Pipi or with the actress, I’d love to have a brief talk on how she sees the past 50 years.


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