Spring: Love among the Ruins of Pompeii

Love is a Monster. But the little known fantasy romance Spring is here to remind you that sometimes you find someone who will make the horror of falling in love bearable. And Nadia Hilker’s performance makes even the scariest parts of this unconventional love story worthwhile.

Spring (2014): Written and directed by Justin Benson; running-time 1h 49mins; starring Nadia Hilker (The 100, Divergent), Lou Taylor Pucci.

What’s it about? Troubled young man (Lou Taylor Pucci) falls for mysterious beauty (Nadia Hilker) in a small town in Italy. But their love is tested when the dark secrets she harbours finally catch up with her.

What’s it really about? Sporadically metamorphing into a hideous flesh-eating demon is not a deal breaker if you’re hot the rest of the time.

Pick if:

  • You’re looking for an unconventional romance to watch on your own, with your partner or with your friends: this film definitely has a few WTF moments in store, but the love story is really cute
  • You’re a fan of independent films: Spring has a tone and visual style that is very different from big budget Hollywood romances, which makes it seem more authentic and raw
  • Moreover, the film features understated performances by Nadia Hilker and Lou Taylor Pucci and well-written dialogues between the two lovers
  • You like films that give you travel fever. You can practically feel the evening sun tickle your skin as you watch Evan and Louise go for a walk through the picturesque Italian small town where they meet

Most memorable quote:

Evan: “You never got lonely?”
Louise: Not since I met you”

Most memorable scene:

All the scenes between Evan and Louise are great, but it’s the moment when Evan first chats her up that has the biggest spark.

Where can I watch? Spring is available for streaming on Maxdome, Amazon and Google Play.


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