Iron Fist Is Netflix Most Feel-Good Marvel Series Yet

Jaw-dropping fight scenes, charismatic characters and a good sense of humor: Iron Fist is so much better than critics have been saying. Netflix’ latest comicbook adaptation is the missing piece in setting up the long-awaited team-up event The Defenders. Here’s everything you need to know about the show…

Iron Fist (2017): Directed by Scott Buck; 13 episodes à 60mins.; starring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones), Jessica Henwick, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Stroup (90210), Tom Pelphrey, David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings), Carrie Anne Moss (The Matrix), Wai Ching Ho.

For Fans of: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange,  Arrow, martial arts fights.

I was surprised to learn that that Iron Fist has received mostly negative reviews, because truth be told, it’s proven to be my favourite Netflix Marvel so far: 15 years after he was believed to have perished in a plane crash, Danny Rand returns to New York City to confront his past and fulfill his destiny as the mythical warrior Iron Fist. Here’s what the show has to show for…

1. The protagonist is as likeable as they come

The goldendoodle puppy comparisons are already making their way around tumblrand it’s obvious why: He’s a really decent guy who is always trying to do right by everyone – which may be why some critics have called the characterisation bland. But wouldn’t you like to believe that someone of Danny’s wealth and privilege might use their status for good? Otherwise the world is doomed.

2. Its tone is lighter than that of its companions

Jessica Jones is a rape survivor, Luke Cage is a black man who is disenfranchised and betrayed by the government, and Matt Murdock is often discounted because of his disability. By contrast, Danny Rand is a rich white guy, so his story is not as politically charged and the lighting of the show less dark as the other Defenders’.

3. The fight scenes are awesome

True to the character’s vague Asian origins – Danny trained to be the Iron Fist in another dimension whose gates are located somewhere in the Himalayans – he uses elaborate martial arts to knock out his opponents. His fight scenes involve a lot of roundhouse kicking and flipping through the air – who doesn’t enjoy watching  a good foot-to-face combat?

Yes, the show starts of slow on the action. But it seems only fitting given that it takes Danny a while to get his groove back after finding out that his old friends don’t exactly welcome him back with open arms. In fact, most of the show’s best fight scenes only occur in the latter half of the series (the alley fight in episode 8 for one), but boy are they jaw-dropping.

4. The romance between Colleen and Danny 

Two of a kind: Danny (Finn Jones) and Colleen (Jessica Henwick)

When he first meets her, Danny is enthralled by Colleen’s strength of character (sidenote: Colleen is the BEST). Once he sees her wield her katana and beat the shit out of some douchebags in a cage fight, he also comes to appreciate her as a partner in crime-fighting. Thus, Danny is proof that a great man doesn’t feel intimidated or emascualted by a woman’s fierceness, but is attracted to it.

Although they have a profound connection from the start, Colleen and Danny’s relationship is a slow-burn, which is torture for fans, but actually a good thing because it means that there is a huge level of trust between them already.

5. The main villain is an old lady

Out of all the various types of supervillains, the badass murder gran has got to be the most conniving. You can’t even fault Madame Gao for all her drug dealing and murder antics because at the end of the day, you just want to give her a hug and have her read you a story. After all, she’s been around for centuries, so she must have some great tales to tell…

To binge or not to binge: Split into two day sessions.

Where can I watch? Iron Fist is available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.


2 thoughts on “Iron Fist Is Netflix Most Feel-Good Marvel Series Yet

  1. Finally I found someone who feels the same way I do about this show, between all the terrible memes and just terrible jokes in general, I thought everybody hated it, I really enjoyed it.


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