1 Mile to You: There is Power in Your Pain

You’re desperate for a romantic drama, but you’ve seen all of them already? Then you might want to give 1 Mile to You a chance. The little known tv movie tells the story of a young man who overcomes tremendous grief by becoming a champion runner. And he might find new love in the process as well…

What’s it about? After a tragic accident upends his life, a high school student re-discovers his passion for running (Graham Rogers) and through it, finds a way to connect with his deceased girlfriend. The film is based on the novel “Life at these Speeds” by Jeremy Jackson.

What’s it really about? There is no right or wrong way of dealing with grief.

Pick if:

  • You’re desperate for a romantic drama but you’ve seen all of them already: 1 Mile to You is a little known film that was produced by the American channel “Hallmark”, which is known for their sappy productions
  • You love Nicholas Sparks adaptations. 1 Mile to You is not based on one of Sparks’ novels, but the film uses all the same tropes of a good Sparks tearjerker, like the spiritual guidance of a deceased loved one
  • You’re a sucker for heartbreakingly intense acting: Graham Rogers excels as the tormented and broken up protagonist of this little known drama, but Billy Crudup, who plays Kevin’s mentor and acts as Rogers’ scene partner for most of the film, delivers an understated, moving performance as well. He sees that Kevin is in a lot of pain, but knows that the only thing that he can do to help him is to support him on the track
Henny (Liana Liberato) tries her best to make Kevin (Graham Rogers) happy again
  • You’re a fan of Liana Liberato: It’s frustrating to see her get relegated to supporting roles film after film because this girl is tremendously talented. Liberato plays Henny, Kevin’s new teammate and love interest. She brilliantly portrays the young woman’s emotional conflict: on the one hand, Henny wants nothing more than to make Kevin happy again, but at the same time, she is afraid of his emotional turmoil and the pain he might cause her because of it
  • You like sports movies. In any good sports film, the sport is used as a metaphor for life. This is certainly true for 1 Mile to You: after the accident, running becomes Kevin’s personal form of therapy. It’s bittersweet that running for him is a form of connecting with the people he’s lost – his former coach, his teammates, and his girlfriend – but also takes him further away from his life with them because it secures his future when they no longer have one

Most memorable scene:
Henny invites Kevin to a picknick. When she brings up the accident, he is visibly overcome with an immense amount of pain. As she reaches out to comfort him, he moves in and kisses her for the first time, while both are struggling to fight back tears. 

1 Mile to You (2017): Directed by Leif Tilden; running-time 1h 44mins.; starring Graham Rogers (Quantico), Billy Crudup (Almost Famous), Liana Liberato (Stuck in Love), Melanie Lynskey (Sweet Home Alabama), Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs) , Stefanie Scott, Ty Parker, Thomas Cocquerel.

Where can I watch? 1 Mile to You is available on YouTube.


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