Willkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome

You feel like watching a film but you can’t seem to decide on one. Aimlessly you scroll through your Netflix / Watchever / Amazon Prime library. Eventually you pick a random title just to put an end to your blunders. But it doesn’t have to be like that! This blog will help you find the right film or tv series for different social settings – a girls night in, a date, an evening with your family – and guide you to the perfect flic for your current mood, whether you need cheering up after a break-up, want to unwind after a frustrating day at work, or are simply looking to dream of other worlds.

My name is Anna. I’m 27 years old and currently training to be a journalist at one of Germany’s best-selling tv guides. My job is a great fit for me because I’ve spent half of my life watching films and tv series. It is from this vast catalogue of viewing experience, I am drawing my picks for theperfectfilm. 

I try to match my posts to certain occasions (public holidays, a sequel or remake hitting theatres. Other times, a given post may have been prompted by a recent viewing of the programme in question, or coincide with my emotional state. If you have any questions about anything, for instance if you need me to suggest a show or a movie, do not hesitate to approach me through any of my social media channels.


Happy watching!

xoxo Anna




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