Drive me Crazy is the perfect Nineties Throwback for your next BFF sleepover

Clueless, She’s all that, 10 Things I hate about You: if you love films that teach young viewers that heartlessly manipulating somebody in order to affirm your own social status always pays off, Drive me Crazy is for you! The highschool romcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier is a true nineties gem.

What if: A Romantic Comedy meets Independent Film

If you like dreamcatchers, yoga, and frequently use the hashtag bohochic on instagram, What if (or The F-Word as its titled in some countries) is the perfect film for you: when Wallace meets Chantry, the two of them share an instant connection. Unfortunately she is already taken, so Wallace agrees to be friends with her. But: … More What if: A Romantic Comedy meets Independent Film

Just like Heaven: A Throwback RomCom That’ll Bless Your Next Girls’ Night

Ghosts, spirit-walkers, hallucinations: If you’re into stories about people falling in love with somebody who isn’t physically present, then you’re gonna love Just like Heaven: it’s a romantic comedy about a widowed landscape architect who falls in love with the spirit that haunts him. Visually stunning!